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divided into two areas
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In the course of its activity, PANELUX divided its production into two areas, on the one hand the production of fresh products and on the other hand the production of frozen products.

This duality in terms of manufacturing processes makes us very versatile with regard to the changing demands of our different markets and types of customer. 

Every day, we produce fresh products for the Fischer bakeries and regional customers. This nocturnal production requires high organizational skills in order to respect the exact quantities an delivery times. To deliver all our regional deliveries, 30 tours are carried out daily.


Moreover, a major part of our production capacity is dedicated to the production of frozen breads and pastries intended for export. These are large batches produced on our high-capacity production lines, allowing us to achieve economies of scale. Due to an increasingly challenging demand, we designed our production lines in the interest of flexibility. This allows us to produce a major variety of breads, bread rolls and pre-baked specialities, as well as pastries, be they pre-proved, pre-baked or ready-to eat.

To be able to meet the growing export demand for export, we are equipped with a fully automatic freezer with a capacity of 11,000 pallets.

Regarding our pastry and catering department, we insist on an entirely manual production to be able to offer an irreproachable quality.